The Joy is in the Journey® Presents:

"Choices, Changes, and Callings"

A Three-Day Retreat for Women in Recovery.


When: June 26-29th, 2020

Where: Notre Dame Spiritual Center, Alfred, ME

Leader: Betty Hill Crowson

Cost: $270.

(includes three night stay, 8 delicious meals, all conferences and materials)


Many of us have made choices and changes over the years that have not always been in our own best interest, nor in the best interest of others. Most of this is related to distorted world-views and self-images that we absorbed at an early age. On this retreat, we are going to look at what our own distortions consist of, and begin to question why we still operate under false information.

We will also look at the concept of listening to our own "authentic" voice, which is the voice of that divine spark within us. We will explore ways of not only listening, but of giving the information wings to fly. In other words, we will be given concrete methods for hearing our personal "calling" and then suiting up and showing up regarding of any residuals of fear, doubt, and insecurity.

Space will be limited!

We are not accepting deposits until the beginning of April. In the meanwhile, if you wish to be added to the list, please email Jonna