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"We Don't Know What We Don't Know"

A Woman's Guide through Grief and Loss



“A Woman’s Guide through Grief and Loss is inspiring, relevant, important, deep, and LIGHT at the same time! Seasoned author Betty Hill Crowson reveals various aspects of the grieving process while safely guiding the reader through their own journey of healing from the inside out.” Alexis C., Northfield, CT


"This book is so important, especially right now with women facing all sorts of losses due to the pandemic. Betty's supportive and empathetic approach to help women make it through grief and get to the other side is practical and achievable. I cannot wait to share this invaluable resource with my friends who have been silently suffering in their own grief. Bravo, Betty! You are an inspiration!"

Angela D., Bayport, NY  


“This is the most honest book I have read concerning the grieving process for women. After the death of my beloved husband only 13 months after my father passed, I completely fell apart. A Woman’s Guide through Grief and Loss gave me guidance and hope. I recommend it to any woman who has suffered a tremendous loss.”  Beth K., Easthampton, MA

“A cohesive well-written book for women to navigate through current as well as past grief and loss. Betty Hill Crowson encourages her readers to recognize pain resulting from unaddressed and ungrieved lasses which may impact current grief. She shares heartfelt and personal insights, inspiring her readers to follow a clear path for a more joyous life. I will be going back to this book over and over again as a gentle guide to assist with unresolved issues.” Deb E., Framingham, MA

“Betty combines her deep wisdom, practicality, and personal experience to lay out a path for healing grief, both old and new. Her compassion and assurances throughout the book help ease any discomfort you may be feeling, while giving you the courage and tools to heal.”  Ellen G., Brevard, NC

“Reading this book felt like I was on a nurturing retreat. Within these pages of hope, encouragement, and practical, doable steps, the voice of Betty Hill Crowson comes alive. I found myself frequently saying, “yes, I can do that.”  Vicki F., Babylon, NY

“Betty Hill Crowson has written a book that speaks to my heart. We all experience grief in our lives. Betty reminds us that we need never walk through it alone and provides useful tools to help us along our journey. Chapter Three on Disempowering our Shadows was especially clarifying to my own experience of grief and loss. This is a must read for anyone who has been or who is suffering from grief or loss of any kind.”  Sue S., Rochester, NH

“Grief is so personal and heavy and overwhelming that you don’t know how to help your friend or loved one going through it. We have all been there, at a loss for their loss. What a gift Betty Hill Crowson has given the world with this book that takes the reader through a journey of healing and acceptance. Priceless. There is nothing else like it and it is now here to help us all!”  Ann L., St. James, NY


“Betty once again has written a book which makes the reader feel like she is sitting down with us, in our time of need, like a trusted friend. It is filled with compassion and strategies for getting through all kinds of loss. Betty reminds us time and time again that while our own loss is unique, we are not alone; grieving is part of the human experience.”   Kelly M., PhD, Wayne, NJ

“Betty’s rituals and suggested practices are so helpful in providing a path through your grief. She gives you permission to move at your own pace in a loving and gentle way.” Beth B., Brooklyn, NY

“Betty Hill Crowson walks beside her reader with remarkable insight, intelligence, compassion, and a seemingly endless supply of hard-earned wisdom. Every time I thought there couldn’t be more to learn, there was. As an emergency room physician with her own history of loss as well as a 30-year career of holding people’s hands through loss, grief and even facing death, I can tell you without hesitation that Betty has hit the proverbial nail on the head. It is an immense gift to the world that she has chosen to share this with us.”  Bev K., MD, Freeport, ME