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What's Coming Up For 2019!


September 13-15th

"Pathways to Recovery:

Bringing Al-Anon principles into everyday life."

Open to ALL women!

Cenacle Spiritual Center,

Ronkonkoma, NY

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We've added an extra day!! 

                                                        October 11-14

"Moving into Right Relationships"

Notre Dame Spiritual Center,

Alfred, ME

Currently full. To be added to waitlist....


October 25-27

"From Struggle to Serenity:Improving our many relationships."

Genesis Spiritual Center

Westfield, MA

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Now Open for Pre-Registration!

Yes, these retreats are a year away. However, being limited to only 20 women, they tend to fill up fast. So, if you think this is for you, click here to preregister.

"5 Day Journey through Healing"

May 29-June 3rd, 2020

Genesis Spiritual Center, Westfield, MA

Currently Full. Waitlist accepted.


"5 Day Journey through Healing"

August 21-August 26, 2020

Genesis Spiritual Center, Westfield, MA



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Throughout the year, I present week-end retreats for women and couples who seek increased self-awareness, deeper spirituality, and greater well-being. These are held at various retreat houses throughout the Northeast.

Those who attend these retreats, many who come time after time, consider them life-changing events which have helped them to get unstuck, make major decisions, address underlying fears, heal, and move on into new and more meaningful directions. Suitable for all ages and stages, religious or spiritual orientations, these retreats work wonderfully in conjunction with 12 step recovery programs, life coaching, individual therapy, or simply as an emotional or spiritual tune-up.

Infinitely practical as well as spiritual in nature, each retreat has a specific theme that is carried throughout the weekend presentations, services, and rituals. These include such topics as:

  • There is a solution
  • Healed, Whole, and Healthy
  • Let Go or Be Dragged
  • Living the Serenity Prayer
  • Recovering Joy
  • Living in Relationship (with self, God, and others)
  • A New Day, A New Beginning
  • I was, I am, I shall be

If you are interested in being notified of upcoming retreats by e-mail, sign up for our FREE newsletter here.

Although the retreats are non-denominational, a Catholic Mass is available at many of the retreat houses for those wishing to attend.



Testimonials from those who have attended:

I was first introduced to Betty through a co-worker who had convinced me to go on one of Betty's weekend retreats.  I had been on other retreats before, but was not at all prepared for the life changing experience I encountered.  I suffer from an auto-immune disease and was in the middle of a terrible flare up and was at an emotional/physical bottom.  By the end of the retreat, I had a plan in place for my health and spiritual recovery.  Over the next year, I had implemented several changes in my spiritual life, diet and overall lifestyle.  A year later (almost to the day)  I returned to one of Betty's one day retreats, 30 pounds lighter and having had only one flare in an entire year!!!  I must note that while the weekend retreat was amazing, the day retreat was just as incredible.  I am still using and remembering ideas and sayings from that day.  It was truly life changing.  Since that day, I have started life coaching with Betty, which has also been a gift.  I have also turned several friends on to Betty and her retreats.  Everyone I introduce to her is hooked!  What can I say?  We just can't get enough of Betty! 

 - Gwen R., 42, teacher

I had been in a constant state of crisis for almost three years when I first attended a Joy is in the Journey® retreat with Betty Crowson. My husband of fifteen years had disappeared, my business was struggling, my stepsons were suing me, and I had lost all faith in myself, in others, and in God. The weekend with Betty gave me the foundation to begin rebuilding my relationship with God and with myself by helping me to understand that God cries with us in our pain, and that there is value in our process.
- Genevieve, 43, self-employed photographer

Attending Betty Crowson's retreat last June put into motion a series of events which had me take control of my life, move to New Hampshire, and start my own business.
- Bridget, 40, B&B Owner/operator

Six months ago, I was struggling with an ex-son-in law (alcoholic and drug-addicted) who I was allowing to continually push my buttons, and basically, ruin any chance I had for serenity.

The weekend retreat opened up a whole new world to me. I was told to "get over myself" and shown ways to do so. Betty Crowson's insights have helped me to begin navigating through the confusion. I am no longer stuck in that lousy spot. And there is light at the end of the tunnel.
- Ann, 70, retired school teacher

I have been to many self-improvements programs, meetings, conferences, etc. but have never found out about myself more than in a retreat given by Betty Crowson. I know that I am a better person because of these retreats, and have been able to handle situations in my life much better also. I look forward to many more Joy is in the Journey® retreats!
- Jean, 43, Massage Therapist

Betty's concept of the "divine discomfort" for the range of intense feelings we have when we are in the "in between" transition time helped me to know what to expect and gave me the courage to leave an unsatisfying work situation.
- Suzie, 48, MSW, Counselor and Consultant

My husband and I had just separated and I didn't know if it was going to be temporary or permanent. The weekend with Betty helped me to process my feelings. She also helped strengthen my faith that I would be okay no matter what the outcome would be.
- Colleen, 40, meatcutter

I have serious problems with anxiety and anxiety attacks since discovering that my son has a huge problem with illicit drugs. Betty Crowson has helped me learn how to "slow down" and turn my son over this his Higher Power. I've attended several Joy is in the Journey® retreats and need to go every six months. The presentations give me food for thought that I refer to in times of need.
- Barbara, 56, retired teacher

I have been fortunate to know Betty Crowson for over twenty years. She has been a positive enhancement to my life through her healing retreats for women. She has shown me how to find the good things about myself and has helped me improve my self-esteem tremendously over the years.
- Norma, 65, retired secretary

After returning from living in Honolulu and going through a divorce, I attended Betty Crowson's retreat and it helped me change my journey from one of hopelessness and despair, to one of a solution with a positive direction.
- Christine, 38, Personal Trainer

An unexpected thing happened to me on one of BC's retreats -- I was able to forgive my mother for the pain I felt she had given me all my life. I had always blamed her for being responsible for my becoming an alcoholic. And even though I had gone through the AA 12 steps, I still hadn't been able to forgive her.

For some reason, during the weekend retreat for women in recovery, I had the clear sense that I was letting my mother do this to me; that it was my fault and not hers. I'm sure other people have told me this over the years, but I could never hear it before. Yet, when we did the ritual of writing down the name of somebody we needed to forgive, and then burning the paper it was written on, something magical happened. I truly forgave her.

It wasn't long after that I took my trek to Jacksonville, Fl where my mother had moved some years ago. And when I went into her room, instead of resenting the fact that I had to be there, I looked at this elderly women through eyes which had been changed. For the first time, I had compassion and love in my heart, instead of resentment and anger.

My mother died soon after that visit. I'll always feel that God sent me on that retreat so that my mother and I could make our peace. I am a grateful person.
- Shirley, CSW, 62