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The Joy is in the Journey® Women's Symposiums


2005 - Eight Solutions for Greater Well-Being - Held October 30th on Long Island at The Inn at East Wind in Wading River.

2006 - Pathways to Greater Well-Being - Held September 29th at The New England Center at UNH in Durham, NH.


These Women's Symposiums, presented by Betty Hill Crowson and her associates, are great venues for bringing women of all ages and orientations together in order to learn, change, connect, and celebrate! Full of presentations, information, opportunities to share, introductions to daily rituals of living, music, meditation, great food, and lots of humor, these one-day events provide an important and vital opportunity for women to step out of their everyday lives in order to get a better perspective on what really matters.

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"I would like to share my thoughts on the symposium that I attended with 7 of my coworkers from MOC, inc. last September.  I'm a semi-retired social worker and was VERY impressed with the full day's activities and the built-in snack times.  Most impressive for me, however, was the fact that you and your trainers self-disclosed so honestly, which communicated from the very beginning that you are also part of the human experiences/s.  God bless you and your team for the work that you're doing to empower women!"

                                                             Emma P.


Following is a description of the workshops presented in Durham, New Hampshire.

Good enough - What a Concept!

All participants attended this first workshop.  Presented by Betty Hill Crowson, author, life coach, motivational speaker, and retreat director, this workshop explained why and how many of us are unconsciously compromised by our tendency to "should" all over ourselves, our need to do it all, our insidious striving for perfection, and our feeling "less than" when we can't live up to our unreasonable expectations.  Because self-acceptance promotes greater well-being and authentic change, this workshop presented tools for women to begin accepting themselves in the moment, regardless of conditions and circumstances.

Participants then elected to follow ONE of the following paths.

Path A:

This "path" was designed for women who have difficulty maintaining physical or emotional balance in a life full of conflicting demands, and/or women who have an inner longing for "more." Through the workshops of "Too Much is Too Much" and "Get Out of the Driver's Seat," participants were given concrete steps to:

  • recover, regroup, and recharge
  • understand how self-care improves every situation
  • consider spirituality as a pathway to greater fulfillment, connection, and freedom from fear

Women who took this path came away with a renewed commitment to order and balance, as well as with an understanding of the importance of spiritual connection.


Path B:

This "path" was intended for women who are sick and tired of attracting and holding onto things that work against their greater well-being, and/or women dealing with loss, whether recent or past. Through the workshops of "Let Go or Be Dragged" and "Choose to Heal," participants were given tools to:

  • let go of specific things such as hurtful relationships, excessive worry, negativity, resentments, disappointments, and other emotional "baggage"
  • understand the importance of identifying and healing emotional wounds
  • turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones by converting pain and sorrow into substance, strength, and wisdom

As a direct result of learning to let go and of choosing to heal, women who took this path experienced an increased ability to open up to new and exciting possibilities for their lives.


Path C:

This "path" was ideal for women who feel stuck -either caught in some habitual or attitudinal "rut," and/or stuck in the confusion and uncertainty of not knowing what to do next or how to do it. Through the workshops of "Climb Out of the Rut" and "Chirp or Get Off the Twig," women were shown how to:

  • identify individual "ruts" and break the self-limiting cycles they create
  • move into behaviors and attitudes that are compatible with basic values and priorities
  • make dreams and goals materialize

Women who took this path learned ways to identify and counteract self-sabotage, comprehend the importance of discernment prior to action, embrace the wisdom of the wait, and were given eight concrete action steps for realizing goals.

Live Fully; Live Consciously

The closing presentation by Betty Hill Crowson gave practical and spiritual tools for staying awake and attuned so that women can more easily and often bridge the gap between what appears to be important and what really is.  Intended for all participants.




 8:00 - 9:00 a.m.   Registration in the Great Bay Foyer
  Continental breakfast served
    Vendors open for business
 9:00 - 9:45   Welcome & Opening Conference - Great Bay Room
  Introduction to Workshop Leaders
    "Change and Well-Being"  presented by Betty Hill Crowson
10:00 -10:45  

"Good Enough - What a Concept!"

  This first presentation is intended for all participants and presented by Betty Hill Crowson
11:00 -11:45   Path Workshops Begin
    Participants will divide into their chosen "Paths" for the second part of "Good Enough - What a Concept"
12:00- 1:00   Lunch served in the Acorns Dining Room
 1:10 - 2:40   Path A. B. & C Workshops : rooms TBA
    Snack Break     
 3:00 - 4:30   Path A, B, & C Workshops: rooms TBA
    Snack Break
 5:00 - 6:00  

Closing Conference - Great Bay Room

"Live Fully; Live Consciously" - presented by Betty Hill Crowson

Closing Ceremonies


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