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Surviving and Thriving through Difficult times!

A 9-week Zoom Series with Betty Hill Crowson

February 8th - April 5th


How currently relevant is “The Joy is in the Journey: A Woman’s Guide through Crisis and Change!” I am now offering a 9-weeks Zoom Conference series to help walk participants through the eight solutions contained within this book.

There will be two classes, both held on Mondays: A day class which begins at 1 p.m. And a night class which begins at 7.

Classes run between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on class size. Space is limited in order to create an intimate, supportive environment. Each class includes individual check in, presentation, small group sharing, occasional written exercises and homework!

The Nine-Week series will cover the following:

Week One: What to expect when change happens

Week Two: Good Enough - What a Concept!

Week Three: Maintaining Balance

Week Four: Discovering and Recovering Spirit

Week Five; Let Go or Be Dragged

Week Six: The Process of Healing

Week Seven: Avoiding Self-Sabotage

Week Eight: Taking Right Action

Week Nine: Living Consciously

These classes have been extremely popular, so if you are interested, sign up now!

Cost is $240, a portion of which will be donated to various retreat houses.(Partial scholarships are available for those who may need it right now. Just let me know.)

To register, please email your name, phone number, and whether you are interested in the 1 p.m. class or the 7 p.m. class to:  betty@thejoyisinthejourney.com




Living the Serenity Prayer

April 23-25th


This 3-day day retreat is being offered as a Fund-Raiser for Genesis Spiritual Center

Westfield, MA.

This weekend retreat for all women will delineate and take a deeper look at the three distinct aspects of The Serenity Prayer. Participants will learn new ways of accepting things which cannot be changed, be shown how to take action to change what can and must be changed, and be given tools for greater discernment between the two.

This virtual retreat will use the same format as our normal in-house weekend retreats. Friday night, we will meet from 7-9. Saturday, sessions will run 10-12 a.m., 2-4 p.m. 6 to 7:30, and 8 - 9 in the evening. We will finish up Sunday morning from 9-11.

There will be prayer services, music, presentations, 1:1, small group sharing, and the ability to share in a larger group. You will be amazed at how intimate and "real" this virtual event will be.


For more information and/or to register, click here....

(Genesis has three partial scholarships available for this retreat.)