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Betty Hill Crowson, Founder of The Joy is in the Journey®



Betty Hill Crowson is a spiritual retreat director and holistic life coach. She has authored three books: The Joy is in the Journey: A Woman’s Guide through Crisis and Change, The Busy Person’s Guide to Balance and Boundaries, and most recently, We Don't Know What We Don't Know: A Woman's Guide through Grief and Loss.






I am happy to announce the newest addition to The Joy is in the Journey!

How does one recover from loss?

How do we maneuver through the multi-faceted maze of grief, whether from a current or a past loss? How do we heal? What do we do next?

We Don't Know What We Don't Know: A Woman's Guide through Grief and Loss recognizes that of all the skills we have learned in life, we have had little preparation for grieving our losses, nor permission or know-how for doing so. This book changes all that. In her practical, compassionate, and relatable style, author Betty Hill Crowson provides answers, guidance, and clarity to the "work of grieving."

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The Busy Person's Guide to Balance and Boundaries!

An inspired, pragmatic, and spiritual guide for recovering balance, improving relationships, and achieving greater joy!



The Joy is in the Journey:
A Woman's Guide Through Crisis and Change

This hands-on, how-to book is designed to help women of all ages and stages successfully maneuver through the challenges and complexities of life's crises and changes.


The Joy is in the Journey® - Day and Week-end Retreats

The Joy is in the Journey® Retreats for Women and Couples- Throughout the year,

I present several week-end retreats for women and for couples who are seeking increased self-awareness, deeper spirituality, and greater well-being.

Betty Hill Crowson - Holistic Life Coach

As an holistic life coach, I help men and women clarify their goals, identify their priorities and values, and make the changes necessary to bring harmony, balance, and fulfillment into their lives