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"Betty Crowson is by far the best presenter I have ever seen. (And as a prior trainer at a leading international consulting firm, I am a critical audience!) She gains rapport quickly no matter how diverse the participants, presents profound ideas in a simple, clear, and often humorous way, and is always warm and entertaining. In short, she is brilliant."
          Marilynn Pysher, Executive Vice President (retired)
          Drake Beam Morin, An International Consulting Firm

"Betty Crowson's presentation to our 'Women at Work' series not only totally hit the mark, but was also delivered in such an engaging manner that all were touched."
          Laurie Barry, Hewlett Packard

"Never have I been introduced to a speaker as dynamic and charismatic as Betty Hill Crowson. She brings her subject matter alive, while using humor to lighten the profound truths found in her solutions."
          Pat DeAngelis, CEO Nazereth Hospital, Philadelphia


Meet Betty Hill Crowson -- Speaker Extraordinaire!

Giving inspirational and motivational presentations and workshops, ideal for:


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Balance in Business and Beyond!

This presentation for company employees can be anywhere from 90 minutes to 6 hours long. Held at the location of your choosing, it is guaranteed to be educational, therapeutic, motivational, and interspersed with humor.  The following topics are covered through the use of presentation, real life examples, and interactive exercises:

  • Identifying the nature of stress, both internal and external
  • Establishing reasonable and attainable expectation of self and others
  • Developing clear and consistent boundaries
  • Learning to respond rather than react
  • Differentiating between managing and micro-managing
  • Improving communication skills
  • Understanding the relationship between balance, productivity, and well-being


Participants who have taken this workshop report immediately feeling encouraged, empowered, and much more likely to make healthier decisions regarding their professional and personal balance.  This, of course, has a positive impact on productivity as well as mental and physical health.

Other Motivational Presentations/Workshops include:

  • Riding the Wild Winds of Change
  • Simple Truths for Complicated Times
  • Life is a Balancing Act
  • Chirp or Get Off the Twig
  • Overwhelmed No More: New Methods for Managing Stress         


Betty Hill Crowson currently lives between New York and Maine and is available to speak throughout the country.  To schedule her for your conference, business, meeting, or event, please email her at or call 631.566.6947.